Judge Orders Horses Returned to New Beginnings

New Beginning's Horses

Aylett, Virginia – As originally reported in June, 42 horses were seized from New Beginnings Horse Rescue, a private horse rescue owned by Cassy Newell-Reed.  Reed was charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly depriving the horses of adequate food and water over a period of time.  10 of the horse seized had been previously seized from Peaceable Farms.

On July 14, the horses were ordered to be returned to New Beginnings due to insufficient evidence to warrant continued seizure of the horses.  Newell-Reed is slated to be in court again on August 4 for continuance of the animal cruelty charges.

New Beginnings posted on their Facebook wall:

We are very happy to have all 42 horses back on the farm. You can tell the horses are happy to be here also. Unfortunately all did not come back in as good of health as when they left. Not to worry they are in good hands.


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