Kill Buyer Prosecution Fails

Billy Brown Jr

Billy Brown Jr, the first person arrested in California under the 1998 law banning shipping horses for slaughter, is breathing a sigh of relief when the judge threw the case out. The judge cited a lack of evidence that Brown purchased the horses in California.

Brown is the auctioneer and son of the owner of B & B Livestock Auction in Madera. In 2014, Brown was arrested after Madera County Sheriff investigations revealed he shipped horses to Canada from California for slaughter. His case was considered airtight as the paper trail was so good. The judge’s decision to throw the case out lead many to wonder if the judge was paid off, and if so, how much does it take to keep organized crime alive and well in California? Every horse shipped for slaughter is a separate felony in California, and yet, in the 14 years since Proposition 6 passed with 60% majority, no person has ever been convicted of shipping horses to slaughter in California. Tens of thousands of horses ship from California to slaughter every year.

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