Lady Rides Horse to Work Through Snow

Commuting on Horse

A woman in North Carolina who had to get to work through the snow knew her truck would never make it.  “With the ground wet, the back wheels will just sit there and spin and you can’t go anywhere,” Gabby Lagdon told reporters.  Instead of risking an accident or a large towing bill, she saddled up Rascal, her horse.  “What better way to get to work than to ride my horse? Get him out, get him some exercise. And enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way,” she said.

Her 7 mile commute was without incident, but she did have to leave work a little early so she would be home before the sun set.  Lagdon got a lot of smiles and thumbs up from commuters worried about their own vehicles ability to get them safely to work and home.

Original Story and Video: 13 News

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