Lady Sees Her Horses After Tragic Auto Accident

Katie Williams and Tony
Katie Williams and Tony

Ocala, Florida – 28-year-old Katie Williams loved horses and loved training horses, but that was all taken away in March when a driver ran a red light and plowed into the side of Williams’ car, nearly killing her.  Williams was rushed to the hospital, in a coma and with brain damage.  The following weeks and months showed what a fighter Katie is, as she battled her brain damage and an extremely rare form of pneumonia.  She slowly began regaining her brain function and ability to communicate through sign language and finally speech.

Katie was visibly excited last Sunday when she went to see her horses for the first time since the accident.  Katie’s brother, Joe Williams, along with other family and friends, took Katie in her wheel chair to meet her horses.  Tony, a horse she trained from the ground up, was the first horse to meet her.  The heartbreaking video has been viewed over 80,000 times, and has brought hope and encouragement to people around the world.  Those wishing to help the Williams’ family with medical and living expenses may do so on her GoFundMe page.


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