Loose Polo Wrap Kills Horse

Horses tripping from loose polo wraps.
Horses tripping from loose polo wraps.

A video on social media has been causing outrage around the world.  In the video, two horses with riders can be seen galloping down a beach.  As the horses race, their polo wraps start to come loose.  The car driving along the race, where the video camera is filming from, honks their horn in a warning, but the riders cannot hear it.   Nearly simultaneously, both horses trip over their loose wraps and fall to the ground at a full gallop.  The accident appears to cause the grey horse to flip over, but the dark-colored horse merely plows its face into the ground.

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The video shows the riders of the horse showing off their minor injuries, then turns back to the dark-colored horse that is lying dead on the sand.  It appeared to die from a broken neck.

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