Man Attacks Horse and Children at Rodeo

D'Arbonne Range Riders Arena (Not From Day of Assault.)

Union Parish, Louisiana – A 28-year-old cowboy from Downsville, LA was arrested and booked into jail over the weekend after going on a rampage at the D’Arbonne Range Riders Rodeo Arena.  Cody Tipton was arrested for felony animal abuse and terrorizing along with misdemeanor aggravated assault, simply battery, simple assault and two counts of disturbing the peace.  He is still in jail with no bond set.

Witness’ report that Cody Tipton started the attack by riding his horse aggressively in circles around a 3-year-old child, riding within 5′ of the child, until someone grabbed the child and carried it to safety.  Tipton then turned his anger towards his horse, and kicked in very hard in the stomach and punched it in the face.  Tipton then rode his horse under the bleachers, where horses are prohibited, towards 3 children.  One of the father’s told Tipton that horses are not allowed under the bleachers, and Tipton began yelling profanities at the father and threatened to kill him.  Tipton tried to run the father over with his horse, but as the father stepped aside, he jumped off his horse onto the father.  The father fought back in self-defense, and managed to knock Tipton to the ground with a single punch.  Tipton then began pulling the father down to the ground, while the father kicked him repeatedly in the head.  After a few blows, Tipton dragged the father to the ground.

Bystanders managed to pull Tipton and the father apart, but Tipton’s rage continued unabated towards his horse, and he began punching it in the face again.  A woman told him to stop, and he charged her, fists clenched, but her adult son stepped in between and felled Tipton with a single punch.

Deputies arrived and found Tipton with blood on his hands and face.  He received stitches at Union General Hospital and was released into deputies care.

D’Arbonne Range Riders Arena (Not From Day of Assault.)
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