Man Charged Animal Cruelty – 7 Starving Horses

Starving Horse

Michael Wendell CabblerMichael Cabbler, 62, of Hardy, Virginia, is facing multiple counts of animal cruelty after officials received a tip about 5 emaciated horses eating bark to stay alive.  Responding officers found the horses had no access to food or water, and their faces were worn raw by their halters.  As Animal Control officers were seizing the 5 horses, they asked Cabbler if there were any other animals on the property and he assured them there were none.  During the investigation officers found 2 more horses, a stallion and a mini, locked in a small barn so full of manure that they had to disassemble the back wall to get the horses out.

Cabbler had no explanation as to the condition of his horses.  He is facing seven misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals and seven misdemeanor counts of inadequate care of agricultural animals.


All 7 of the horses were taken to Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue and are expected to recover.
Horse Locked in Barn

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