Man Killed at Own Unsactioned Horse Race

Man trampled at own unsanctioned horse race.
Man trampled at own unsanctioned horse race.

La Joya, Mexico – Felix Pena wanted to throw a massive party for his daughter’s 15th birthday, so he invited everyone.  On the Facebook invite for the quinceanera, Pena declared a horse race and wrote “Everyone is cordially invited.” Around 10,000 people poured into the village for the party and horse race, with a purse of 10,000 peso.  Pena worked at a local stable and planned to enter his own horse, Oso Dormido, for fame and glory.

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During the race, Pena inexplicably stepped in front of the racing horses and was trampled.  He was rushed to the hospital, but died on the way.  Pena’s daughter did not allow her father’s death to interfere with her party, and continued dancing with friends.



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