Man Who Crushed Baby Donkey to Death Escapes Justice

Man Crushing Baby Donkey

As originally reported on January 11, a man weighing over 320 lbs killed a 5 month old donkey by sitting on it.  He climbed into a nativity scene, then sat on the donkey, grinning for pictures.  The weight crushed the donkey, making its internal organs “explode.”

Local police did not find enough evidence to file charges, but a donkey rescue brought private criminal charges against the man.  Those charges have been unsuccessful as well as the judge dropped the charges.  “The judge dismissed the proceedings as she considers that the actual complaints are not a criminal offense and that there is not enough evidence to justify an in-depth investigation.  The court order states that ‘even if an aggressive conduct had been proved, it is not clear [if it was] the direct cause of the animal’s death, and it is therefore not possible to establish the causality needed,” the donkey rescue spokesperson told reporters.

While it is outrageous that the charges would be dropped, when a society honors such atrocities as bull fighting and other abusive sports are not only legal, but celebrated, how can we expect authorities to take seriously the abuse of animals?

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