Man Who Rammed Horse and Rider Faces Prison

Christopher Todd

A 22 year old man, Christopher Todd, is facing sentencing of up to 35 year in prison for his actions that resulted in the death of one horse and serious injury to its rider.  Todd entered an open plea of no contest, which allows the judge to determine that sentencing time.

The incident happened when Todd was drove past a group of horseback riders and stopped by a river.  One of the group of riders asked Todd to drive slower past the horses to keep from spooking them.  Instead, as he sped past them again, Todd yelled “{Expletive} You!”  One of the riders hurled a racial slur at Todd, prompting him to whip a u-turn in his truck.  He gunned the engine for all it was worth, spraying dirt from the back tires, and roared towards the group of riders.  Todd’s truck struck and killed one horse, a black Tennessee Walker named Ellie Mae.  Ellie Mae’s rider, Chloe Sloan, was thrown onto the trucks hood where she suffered a broken collerbone, but as soon as her feet hit the ground she ran into the woods to hide from Todd’s wrath.

Witness’ state that Todd was traveling at approximately 40 mph when he struck the horse and rider.

Original Story and Picture: Daytona Beach News Journal

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