Mare Shields Foal From Barn Fire

Maya and Colt

Maya and ColtMadison, Virginia – A mare named Maya has made a full recovery after a fire nearly killed her and her newborn foal.  A barn at the Touchstone Farm caught on fire with multiple horses in the paddocks and stalls around the barn.  Bystanders were able to let the other horses out, but did not see Maya.  As the barn burned behind her, Maya shielded her colt from the raging flames with her body.  Her body was scorched from head to tail on both sides.  Her heroism kept her colt from being almost completely unharmed with just some singing on his face.

Maya and her colt were moved into a garage into a makeshift ICU unit.  Maya was hooked up to IV fluids, pain medications and antibiotics for several weeks.  Thanks to help and donations from many people, Maya has made a full recovery with only very minimal scarring.


Maya and Colt

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