McDonald’s Won’t Serve Gypsy in Horse and Buggy

McDonaldsManchester, England – When Conner Hammer tried to purchase some McDonald’s food at the drive through in his horse and cart, all he got was a refusal of service.  The order taker refused to take Conner’s order, saying that they could only serve people driving cars.  Conner is a gypsy and uses his horse and cart as a means of transportation.  Conner argued with the waiter that “…my horse has got more right than any of these cars to be on the road.”  After the waiter explains that it is against the rules to serve people in horse and buggy, Conner asks to see the rule book.  The over 4 minute discussion was posted to Conner’s Facebook wall and has been seen by nearly half a million people.

The manager of the McDonalds finally comes to the window and orders Conner to leave.  In the end, Conner got a Happy Meal from inside.

McDonalds responded to inquiries about their policy by saying in part: “This incident caused distress and disruption to our staff and customers. Our drive-thru lanes are specifically designed for roadworthy motor vehicles only and are therefore not suitable for pedestrians, bike riders, horses or horse-drawn carts.”

Happy Meal

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