Mini Fitted With 3D Printed Hoof


Fort Collins, CO – A particularly vicious dog attack left 3-year-old miniature horse, Shine, with a horribly mangled left rear hoof.  Shine’s owners told veterinarians to do whatever it takes to make Shine healthy and happy once again.  Shine was taken to the Colorado State University for treatment and rehabilitation.

Veterinarians considered all options, and settled on amputation as being the best solution for Shine’s injuries.  The vets believed that a prosthetic lower leg and hoof would give Shine a great quality of life.  Full size horses typically do not take well to prosthetics, but Shine is only 30 inches tall and weighs a mere 150 lbs.  Dr Laurie Goodrich of Colorado State University used a 3D printer to make Shine a new hoof, perhaps the first ever.  “It’s the first one I’ve done, but I’ve always wanted to try.  We had no way of preserving that limb … this was the only option to preserve his life.”

Shine is finishing rehab and is getting ready to head back home, where his loving owners are waiting eagerly for him.  “He is so comforting. You know when you have horrible days? Shine is my therapy,” owner Jacque Corsentino said. “I think he would make an amazing therapy horse for w
ounded warriors or kids with disabilities.”

Original Story and Video: USA Today




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