Mini Horse Caught in Cattle Guard

Mini in Cattle Guard

An anonymous tip came in to the Yavapai Country, Arizona, Sheriff office reporting a miniature horse stuck in a cattle guard.  The caller reported that drivers on the road were having a hard time seeing the mini as it was still dark.

An Animal Control officer was dispatched to the scene to help the mini out of the cattle guard. A rancher stopped by to help and a neighbor came over to lend assistance as well.  They put straps under the mini, named Coffee, and simply picked her up and set her down on solid ground.  She appeared unharmed and was very happy to be free once again.

Editorial: Cattle guards are particularly dangerous for horses.  One of my personal first experiences with horses was when the neighbor’s horses, who they let roam free, got caught in a cattle guard and broke his leg.  It was south-eastern Utah in the middle of winter, and despite everyone’s hard work, the horse didn’t last the night.

Original Story and Photo: AZ Central

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