Mini Spends 10 Days in 20 Foot Sinkhole

Elvis Being Lifted Out

Garrard County, Kentucky – Elvis, a miniature horse greatly loved by his family, disappeared 10 days ago.  His family thought he gotten lost in the woods or ran away.  After searching for him, they began to lose hope they would ever see him again.  A worker on the property noticed a 20′ deep sinkhole, and was shocked to see Elvis at the bottom.

Camp Dick Fire Department responded to the call for help, and two members of the Rescue Squad headed to the bottom of the hole to help Elvis.  A tractor with ropes and pulleys was used to lift Elvis from the hole.

Elvis’ family was extremely grateful that, despite being much thinner than when he disappeared, Elvis is doing fine despite spending 10 days in the bottom of the hole.  “We were saying he needed to go on a diet, and I guess that’d diet enough,” Kaley Snowden, Elvis’ owner, told reporters.

Elvis in Sinkhole
Elvis in the sinkhole.


Elvis Being Lifted Out
Elvis after being rescued.
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