Mini With Stacks and Soring for Big Lick

Mini in Stacks

Tennessee – A photo of a mini wearing stacks and allegedly sored is causing outrage around the world.  The pony is seen with a large red garland around its neck, indicating it won first place at the event.  The pony is said to be owned by the Ailshie family, who have a long history of soring disqualifications for years.

Keith, married to Jamie Ailshie, and Buffy Ailshie are part of an equestrian centered family that owns Ailshie Stables in Greenville, TN.  They are Tennessee Walking Horse trainers with an abusive tendency.  The family is deeply involved in the Big Lick community, with soring violations spanning 15 years.  The soring violations include foreign substances, unilateral and bilateral soring, and others.

Keith Ailshie
Keith Ailshie


Buffy Ailshie Riding Sored Hored
Buffy Ailshie riding sored horse.

Mini in Stacks source: TWH Grassroots Facebook.

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