Missing Therapy Horse Found Dead


Jefferson County, Missouri – Cooper, a therapy horse who helped save the life of Mark Lenz, was found dead about half a mile from Lenz’s pasture.  12-year-old Cooper has been living with the Lenz family for 10 years.  2 years ago, Mark was involved in a very serious auto accident that nearly killed him.  Mark’s doctors wanted to amputate his legs, but he refused.  Mark bought special stirrups to ride Cooper, which brought hope to his heart and healing to his legs. “Riding with him didn’t just help rebuild the strength in my legs, it brought me out of a deep depression,” Mark said. “My whole mental attitude was changed.”

Cooper apparently died from injuries sustained after a neighbor left the gate open to the pasture a couple weeks ago and Cooper escaped.  The Lenz family had drove hundreds of miles and handed out dozens of fliers, hoping to find information about Cooper.  “He was an amazing animal,” Mark said. “At least we know one way or another now.”

Cooper the Therapy Horse
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