Mongolian Horses in Deep Snow

Mongolian Horse in Snow

While horses in the USA at most have to endure a few feet of snow, horses in Mongolia endure much deeper snow.  A video recently put on Facebook by a Mongolian national shows horseman driving their herd through snowdrifts almost over the horses heads.  The Mongolian breed of horse is an extremely hardy breed, enduring summer heat in the mid 80’s to winter cold of -30’s.  The horses in Mongolia differ based on their region.  The desert horses have large hooves suitable for sandy condition, the mountain dwellers are particularly short with strong legs, while the steppe dwellers are the fastest of the Mongolian breeds.  Horses from the Darkhad province are renowned for their strength: a 550 lb horse can carry 660 on its back.  In winter the horses eat the snow for their water intake needs.



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