Motorcyclist Chases Horse Off Busy Road

Horse Chasing Motorcyclist

Albrighton, England – 39-year-old motorcyclist and firefighter Matt Lakin was on his way to work when he spotted a grey horse escaping from its pasture.  The horse began trotting and galloping down the road towards a very busy highway.  Lakin’s mind raced back to an accident that occurred just a few months before when a horse was hit and killed not far away.  Lakin told reporters “I was on my way to work and I was approaching the A41 near Albrighton when a horse came out of the field.  Straight away I knew I had to get the horse off the road and somewhere safe, as only in January a horse was killed not far from here.  After it got out the field it just started trotting and I thought it was going to get onto the A41, which is a very busy road.”

Carefully, Lakin pulled his motorcycle alongside the horse, then cut it off, guiding it into a field.  Police have yet to find the horses owner.


Original Story and Video: Shropshire Star

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