Mourning Mare Adopts Orphan Foal

Zindita and Foal

Netherlands – A vet was called to assist with the difficult labor when it was time for Zindita to give birth.  Zindita is a 22-year-old retired show jumper, now used as a broodmare.  Dr Patrick Brogan told reporters ““I saw that she was struggling.  There was no way the mare would be able to get (her foal) out.”  The baby was born folded in half, dead before being delivered.  Zindita was visibly upset over the loss of her infant.

Just two days later, Dr Brogan’s colleague told him about Tolanda, an orphan foal who had lost her mother just hours before due to complications with the delivery.  The vets put the two together, under close supervision, and it was love at first snuggle.

Zindita immediately nurtured the youngster, which is unusual for horses.  The mare will often reject the orphan baby or be overly aggressive, but Zindita was mourning the loss of her own, and knew that the orphan needed a mom.  “We were quite lucky in that this mare was so … in love and desperate to take her,” Brogan said. “From the second she was there, (Zindita) just fell in love with it.”


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