Mule Gives Birth

Mommy Mule and Baby

Defying incredible odds, video of a mule giving birth has been circulating the internet.  According to Wikipedia, only 60 cases of mules giving birth have been documented since 1537.  While the possibility of the mule being impregnated naturally is about 1 in a million, it is possible she was carrying an embryo transfer.  Based upon the dry dirt pasture she was giving birth in and seeming lack of veterinarian attendees, this is not likely. Information and origin of the video are not known at this time, but it appears to be taken in a 3rd world country where stallions are a common element of almost every horse herd.

Mules are typically sterile due to the fact they only have 63 chromosomes, halfway between horse’s 64 and donkey’s 62.

Whatever the source or origin of the video, it is clear that mommy mule is very happy with her new infant.

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