No Charges Against Waterboarding Trainer

Logan Allen Waterboarded Horse

Glenwood, Iowa – As originally reported, Logan Allen posted photos of waterboarding and abusing horses and other animals on his Facebook page.  In the photos, Allen can be seen spraying water on the face and body of a horse that was tied up on the ground.  In another set of photos, Allen posted pictures of dogs attacking and ripping apart a cow that was roped front and hind by cowboys on horseback.  Allen’s photos went instantly viral around the world, making him one of the most hated “cowboys” on the internet.  Nearly 20,000 people signed the petition to have him charged with Animal Cruelty.

The acting lawyer for Mills County and Mills County Sheriff Gooz filed a livestock neglect case against Allen.  Magistrate Ken Whitacre, apparently a private lawyer from Glenwood, wrote in his dismissal of the case “I do not find probable cause that Allen committed the offense.”

The dismissal of Allen’s case sends the clear message to those in Iowa that abusing animals is acceptable in the state.

Horse Tied and Sprayed

Logan Allen

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