Old Friends Farm Barn Destroyed

Barn Burning

Fire tore through a quarantine barn at the Old Friends Farm, completely destroying the structure and a car parked outside this weekend.  Old Friends Farm is a retirement facility for off the track Thoroughbreds located near Georgetown, Kentucky.  Volunteers Tammy Krump and her husband chose to stay at the retirement facility overnight instead of returning to their home due to the heavy snowfall.  When Krump first noticed something was amiss with the barn, she thought it was snow blowing from the roof.  When she realized it was smoke, she and her husband ran to the barn and flung open the doors.  “We were scared to death. Once we opened those doors, the fire was just blazing,” Krump told reporters.  The quarantine barn contained two horses, Alphabet Soup and Archie’s Echo.  Both horses were rescued from the burning structure without injury.

Original Story and Video: Lex18

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