Olympic Wrestler Charged With 92 Counts Animal Abuse

Bruce Akers Horse

Bruce Akers HorseBruce Akers was on the top of his game in the 1972 summer Olympics.  As a 19-year-old welterweight wrestler, he was striving to prove he was the best and bring home the gold.  After failing to snag the gold, he tried again in the 1976 summer Olympics, where he also failed to win a medal for his home country of Australia.

40 years after his Olympic days, Bruce has been arrested and charged with 92 counts of animal cruelty.  The RSPCA seized 23 emaciated horses from Bruce’s home.  The RSPCA was called to investigate after neighbors complained of a foul-smelling odor coming from the ranch.  22 horses were found dead on the property, apparently having died of starvation.  One of the horses seized has since been euthanized due to the long-term damage done by starvation.

When Bruce was being arrested, he begged officers to shoot him.  He also threatened to shoot all surviving horses when he was released from jail.  Strangely, he was granted bail as the court believed his mental condition would make incarceration difficult for him.
Bruce Akers Horse

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