Over 80 Horses Trapped by Flood Waters

Cypress Trails Equestrian Center Horse

Update – Locals are reporting the owners of the Equestrian Center had prior warning of the flood.  The owners allegedly did nothing to evacuate, rescue the flooded horses, or request assistance.  Reports are also coming in of horses being left tied and drowning.

Houston, TX – Over 80 horses boarded at the Cypress Trails Equestrian Center were caught by rapidly rising flood water.  The water covered the fences and reached the roofs of the buildings.  People driving on the road near the center stopped to yell encouragement to the horses to keep treading water.  All that could be seen were dozens and dozens of heads moving around in the water, frantically struggling to stay alive in the strong current.  The biggest danger was the horses becoming trapped in the underwater fencing and being unable to keep swimming.

Cypress Trails Equestrian Center Horse

A large animal rescue team rushed to the equestrian center and began the monumental task of rescuing so many horses from the dangerous water.  Volunteers donned life jackets and rushed into the water to swim horses to safety.  Nearly all the horses were caught and led to safety, with the exception of 3 or 4 who were not in immediate danger and were left in place.


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