Owner of 4 Dead Horses Claims Innocence

Branden Fulton's Horse

Fulton County, Georgia – A man arrested when officers found 4 decaying horses and 8 emaciated horses plans to fight the charges.  Branden Fulton says he is innocent of animal abuse, and was just trying to do right for the horses.  “This is me and this is all I have.  My love for horses is…..They come before me,” Fulton told reporters.

Branden Fulton
Branden Fulton

Fulton claims that he rescues and helps horses in need. Fulton’s Attorney, Abena Abayomi-Rogers, explained “I’m a little baffled that animal control didn’t take the time to have a conversation with Mr. Fulton. He takes in horses that have been abused and he nurses them back to health.”  The dead horses, according to Fulton and his attorney, did not belong to Fulton but were dumped on his property illegal or may have died before he purchased the land earlier this year.

Abayomi-Rogers subtly suggested that racism may be the reason Fulton was reported and subsequently arrested.  “Without being specific, there are people in the community that aren’t so happy about the fact that he purchased the land and what I’m hoping is our investigation will prove that,” she told reporters.

Fulton is free on $75,000 bond and is expected back in court on August 3rd.

Do you believe his story that he’s a rescue or is he just trying to escape the consequences of his actions?  Let us know in the comments below!

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