Owners of Dead Horses Sue ADM

ADM Truck

Archer-Daniel-Midland, a giant food processing company based in Chicago, Illinois, has been served with a lawsuit.  The lawsuit, filed in Federal Court in Chicago by Annelisa Bindra and Beth Berarov, alleges that contaminated feed killed their horses.  The lawsuit is seeking class action status to represent all horse owners who were affected by the contaminated feed.  The lawsuit is being handled by attorneys with Bailey & Glasser, a firm in West Virginia.

ADMThe contaminated feed contained monensin, an antibiotic used extensively in the cattle industry to promote growth.  Monesin is very deadly to horses, as seen in previous news where multiple horses die after eating contaminated feed.

“We believe the claims are meritless, and we will vigorously defend ourselves,” Jackie Anderson, an ADM spokeswoman told reporters. “At ADM Alliance Nutrition, we have been providing safe and nutritious feed and feed ingredients for more than 100 years. Our processes comply with FDA guidelines, and we are confident that our feeds are safe.”


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