Paintball Horse Dies


The horse, Lily, rescued from the New Holland Horse Sale in March, has died.  Lily was emaciated and shot over 130 times by a paintball gun when she was rescued.  After her rescue and rehabilitation, Lily was adopted by former Daily Show host John Stewart and his wife Tracey.  Lily lived at the Stewart’s farm just a few short weeks before she passed away.  Lily stumbled, fell and broke her neck.  She was humanely euthanized under her favorite tree with people who loved her giving her love and kind thoughts as she passed away.

An update on Lily’s passing said in part “During the day Lily got massages, baths and lots and lots of hugs. She slept soundly in her barn listening to soft music. Her favorite Pandora channel was Ray Lamontagne. Her bones were very frail. She stumbled and fell hard on her neck causing a break. When we knew there was nothing more we could do for her we covered her in kisses and kind words and said our good-byes.”


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