Palomino Stallion Chosen as ASPCA Horse of the Year

Sutter - Photo by Bristol MacDonald
Sutter - Photo by Bristol MacDonald

Lompoc, CA – A Palomino Mustang stallion, named Sutter, has been chosen as the ASPCA 2016 Horse of the Year.  Sutter was captured on the range as a 2-year-old, and nearly immediately his abuse started.  He was adopted by an individual who attempted to break Sutter’s spirit using food and water deprivation, tying him up, throwing him on the ground and covering him with a tarp in the hot sun.  Sutter’s spirit wouldn’t break, so he was returned to BLM as a “dangerous” horse, and scheduled to be euthanized.

Sutter was rescued by Heritage Discovery Center in central California, where his gentling began. For months Sutter was so traumatized by humans whenever someone would walk by he would throw himself against the stall walls in an attempt to get away.  Over time, with love and patience, Sutter learned to trust humans and even went on to participate in the Rose Bowl Parade.

In 2002, Heritage Discovery Center downsized and could no longer care for Sutter.  He was taken to Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary and Preserveration, where he lives today.

The ASPCA released a statement that reads, in part, “Sutter loves to connect with people, and is a stirring ambassador for the dwindling number of horses who deserve our promised protection on public lands. Sutter also reminds us all that when we extend love to animals, we receive it back, multiplied.  For these reasons, Sutter is the 2016 ASPCA Horse of the Year.


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