Police Can’t Find Evidence Horse Was Dragged to Death

Sierra Miner Hugging Lucy
Sierra Miner Hugging Deceased Lucy

Canaan, Maine – As first reported on September 18th, 21-year-old Sierra Miner told police that someone drove into her yard, hit her horse, and dragged it for half a mile where it died.  Police were looking for a tan or gold pickup truck that was seen driving in the area.

Police investigating the case are not sure the events occurred as Miner described.   Lt. Mark Brooks of the Main State Police told reporters “The case isn’t closed.  There is zero evidence at the scene to support that there was a vehicle involved. We’re still looking for evidence that suggests there was.”  The truck reported as driving through the area was found by police and ruled out as a suspect due to a lack of damage.

Sierra Miner Holding Picture of Lucy
Sierra Miner Holding Picture of Lucy

On Miner’s property, no broken glass, plastic, headlamps, or any debris from a vehicle was found.  Police have suggested the horse may have wandered onto the road and been hit on the road.  “We have inconsistent ideas right now on what happened … and we’re trying to make sure we get to everybody that possibly (the family) wants us to talk to and that we’ve talked to before we conclude with the case,” Brooks said.

For her part, Miner says she has no reason to lie about what happened to her horse Lucy.  “I would never lie about something like this. Who makes up something like this? It’s crazy.  My story will stay the same because that’s the truth.  I really think it was one person involved, one truck involved.  I didn’t see it. All I saw was the aftermath of all of this. I didn’t see any vehicle. I didn’t see anybody. All that I was able to see was my horse on the ground and all the mess in the middle of the road.”

However Lucy suffered her fatal injuries, Sierra Miner misses her friend deeply and wants those responsible brought to justice.


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