Police Shoot Loose Horse on Highway

One of the horses that shut down M25
One of the horses that shut down M25

Dartford, England – Police were called to M25 for a report of 2 loose horses at about 6:00 am.  They managed to herd the two horses off the road, and attempted to find their owners.  One of the horses spooked and ran back onto the highway.  Officers called a veterinarian to sedate the horse, but he was unable to capture it either.

Facing long delays in traffic, and with no success in capturing the loose horse, officers trained in the use of firearms were called to the scene.  They managed to shoot the horse.

“Despite the best efforts of officers on the scene and the vet, the horse managed to get onto the M25 following sedation, causing the road to be closed at junction 30 at about 1.20pm.  For the safety of motorists and to prevent further suffering to the horse, trained firearms officers shot the animal,” an Essex Police officer told reporters.

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