Politician Accused of Beating Police Horse

Police Horse and Ganesh Jashi

Police Horse The leader of the BJP party in India, Ganesh Joshi, was arrested and booked for attacking a police horse.  Joshi, who was attending a protest with hundreds of supporters, is accused of grabbing a baton from a police officer and attacking the officer’s horse, causing several fractures on the horse’s leg.  The horse was rushed to a nearby veterinarian hospital where vets are considering the options for the horse, including possible amputation.

Joshi denies hitting the horse, and has publicly stated that the horse’s back hoof became trapped in a pothole, and the horse fell, breaking its leg.  He claims “It is a conspiracy to defame me.  I slammed the [baton] on the ground, I didn’t hit it, the footage proves it.”  Despite his claim of innocence, Joshi clearly swung at the horse, in an attempt to injure it.
Broken LegFrom the picture on the left it is clear how the horse’s leg was broken: the hoof became trapped between a concrete curb and a short metal braken, breaking the leg.  It was certainly an emotionally charged situation, and the demonstrators were pulling and pushing on the horse.  Joshi does appear to strike either the ground or the front of the horse 2 times with a wooden stick, but it is clearly the combination of the concrete curb and metal bracket that broke the leg.  When Law Enforcement chooses to use horses as crowd control at potentially violent protests, injuries can and will occur.



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