Pregnant Brumby Hunted and Shot

Pregnant Mare Shot

Queensland, Australia – A picture is infuriating the internet around the world.  In the photo, an unidentified hunter is seen posing next to a visibly pregnant pinto Brumby laying dead on the ground.  The hunter is holding a rifle, no doubt the one used to kill the mare.

In similar news, a father, his 2-year-old and a teenage son, stumbled upon a killing field with 5 dead Brumbies, including a pregnant mare.  The killings happened in Parks Victoria.  “It was devastating for us to find, quite shocking,” local Travis Bowen told reporters.  “I was in shock to begin with, but I was disgusted by the act.  These horses are defenseless.”  Parks Victoria is investigating the killings.  Should those responsible be found, they will be charged with illegal hunting and illegal use of a firearm.  They may also face animal cruelty charges.  More information about the 5 Brumbies shot: 9 News Melbourne

Shot Horse

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