Priscilla Presley Condemns Soring

Priscilla Presley
Priscilla Presley speaking against horse soring.

Sacramento, California – At a public comment meeting hosted by the USDA to discuss the proposed new rules to combat horse soring, Priscilla Presley spoke for the rules.  “Elvis and I had horses, and two of them were Tennessee walking horses. They are horses we’re talking about now, subjected to soring. Thank God our horses weren’t sored,” Presley told reporters after the meeting.  “It is a very high-rising gait, which is beautiful to the eye, yes, but what they do behind the scenes is not even to be explained.”

Jim Hart and Priscilla Presley
Jim Hart (Horse Plus Humane Society) and Priscilla Presley

Members of various animal welfare organizations where in attendance as well.  Keith Dane, Senior Equine Adviser for the Humane Society of the United States, said “It’s cruel, it’s inhumane and it’s illegal. The whole purpose is to get the horse to step higher, so it produces this artificial gait called the ‘Big Lick,’ or the bastardized version if you will, of the running walk.”  Jim Hart, representing Horse Plus Humane Society, told the audience and members of the USDA “If caring for your horses without stacked shoes, pads or chains is a hardship for you, we at Horse Plus are an open door shelter for horses and will gladly take any horse in need.”  His comments elicited impromptu cheers and clapping.

No attendees at the meeting spoke against the proposed rules.


Photo courtesy Fox40.

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