Professional Barrel Racer Killed

Lara Deweese

Lara Deweese, a professional Barrel Racer with over $5,000 in winnings in 2015, was succumbed to her injuries.  Deweese was making an almost perfect run at a rodeo in Missippi when her horse fell at the third barrel.  The reins fell over her horse’s head during the fall.  The horse recovered, and bolted with Deweese still on top.  The horse continued to gain speed as it galloped wildly out of the arena, with Deweese desperately trying to reach the reigns.  Once out of the arena, horse and rider continued their mad dash through the alleyway and out into the asphalt.  The horse slipped when it hit the asphalt, spun around and pancaked, throwing Deweese onto the pavement.

Deweese was rushed to the hospital but sadly succumbed to her injuries and passed away.  Friends and family of Deweese are mourning her passing and many are calling for helmets to become mandatory at professional rodeo events such as barrel racing.



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