Race Horse Crashes Into Spectators

Fin March

Fin MarchA horse, Fin March, racing in France at the Prix Sarah Gosse plowed over the protective barrier and crashed into a group of spectators.  As Fin March’s jockey whips him, he appears to veer towards the whipping in an attempt to escape the blows.  The collision sent bodies flying as the horse flipped and landed, hard, on the pavement.  Fin March appeared to be motionless after the landing as the camera pans on to the still racing horses.  Five people, including the jockey, were rushed to the hospital as a result of the collision.  One of the spectators, an elderly grandmother, is still in the hospital with extensive injuries and the jockey is also still in the hospital.

The horse suffered a brain  hemorrhage and was put down at the track.  This accident follows five horses being put down at the famous Grand National festival in England due to racing injuries.

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