Rare Horse Butchered at Zoo by Starving Mob

Black Stallion
The Black Stallion butchered at the Caracas zoo by a starving mob.

Caracas, Venezuela – A group of starving people broke into the Caracas zoo under the cover of night, desperately looking for food.  After breaking into the zoo, the gang of unidentified people led a rare black stallion to a secluded place and butchered him on the spot.  When zookeepers arrived the next morning, all they found was ribs and the horse’s head in a pile.

This is not the first attack on the zoo.  Vietnamese pigs and sheep were previously stolen from the same zoo by people desperate for food. The government is investigating the thefts.

The animals inside the walls are not fairing well either.  Zoo workers told reporters that over 50 animals have died from starvation in the last 6 months.  Lions and tigers are being fed mango and pumpkins to supplement the limited meat available.   The zoo’s elephants are being fed jungle fruit instead of their usual hay.

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