Rollkur Banned by North American Western Dressage


The North American Western Dressage organization has taken a strong stand against Rollkur (hyperflexion) and has banned its use at any Western Dressage competition.

Rollkur“Scientific evidence has proven that when a horse positions his head and neck with the frontal plane of the face behind an imaginary perpendicular line from the ground to the eye, he loses 10–12% of his breathing capacity.  Riding a horse behind the vertical is wrong in any discipline. Simply put, it is wrong for the development, welfare, longevity and nobility of the horse. This is the position we have always held at NAWD, and we are now encouraging others to take a firm stance against it, too.”

RollkurAs seen in the pictures, the training of rollkur involves tying a horses head as close to the neck as possible for extended lengths of time.  Scientific studies show that it is permanently harmful to the neck structure. Rollkur has been a highly controversial subject since it’s reemergence in the early 80’s.  The controversy went mainstream when a horse ridden by Patrik Kittel at the World Cup dressage qualifier went blue and hung limply from his horse’s mouth.

Rollkur appears to be losing popularity as more and more organizations ban its use.


Blue Tongue
1111Blue tongue hanging loosely.
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