Ruckus Ended in Horse Photobombing Prize

Photobombing Horse

As originally reported February 1st, a father and son walking along a sidewalk took a selfie with a horse photobombing them.  They entered the photo into a local contest, Thomson Holiday’s ‘Made Me Smile’, and won a £2,000 ($3,200 usd) vacation.  The horse’s owner, Nicola Mitchell, caused a huge ruckus on social media, stating that the father and son did not have her permission to use a photo of her horse for financial gain.  She demanded that they give her half of the winnings.  “I was really annoyed to hear he had won a 2,000-pound holiday and had used a picture of our horse without our permission,” Mitchell to reporters. “He should have asked for our consent.  It’s not like it’s just 100 pounds. Two thousand pounds is a lot of money and would go quite a long way for a family.”

A prominent legal expert familiar with British photography laws has settled the issue: “A photographer automatically owns copyright in the image and does not require permission of the horse (or its owner) to take the photo — much in the same way as photographers don’t require permission to take pictures of celebrities when they are out in public,” Wayne Benyon told reporters.


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