School Teacher Who Abused 21 Horses Sentenced

Foal to weak to stand at Jocelyn Larkins' home.
Foal to weak to stand at Jocelyn Larkins' home.

Campania, Tasmania – When the RSPCA raided school teacher Jocelyn Larkins’ home, they found 21 horses in horrible condition, emaciated and close to death.  One of the horses, a foal, was too weak to stand and was carried off the property on a stretcher.  Two of the horses were too far gone to save and were put down, 3 horses died from injuries including a ruptured stomach and a stallion had so many bites and kicks from the other horses that he died a horribly painful death.  The final horse to die survived for 11 days, but died from its extreme malnutrition despite the veterinarians best efforts.

Larkins’ lawyer entered a plea of not guilty for her, and blamed the horses condition on an unrelated investigation into her conduct at school.  Her life was essentially chaos, her lawyer told the court, and “Essentially, she wasn’t in a position where she was able to care for those horses,” he said.

Larkins was charged with aggravated cruelty and using methods likely to cause pain or suffering.  Magistrate Michael Daly sentenced Larkins to a lifetime ban on owning horses, a suspended 6 month prison sentence and ordered her to pay $2,000 court costs.

One of Jocelyn Larkins' horses.
One of Jocelyn Larkins’ horses.
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