Senior Horse Rescued From Muddy Death

Muddy Mess

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department responded to a call in Rio Linda to assist with a horse that was hopelessly mired in deep mud.  Heather, a 30 year old mare, broke through a fence and found herself mired in mud too thick to get herself out of.  Completely exhausted, she laid down and waited for the inevitable.

Metro Fire and Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center responded to the owner’s call for help and began the rescue. Heather was first sedated by Dr. Grace Monmaney for the safety of the firefighters.  After ensuring Heather was sufficiently sedated, the rescue crew cautiously dug in the mud and attached a harness around several points of her body.  The firefighters then grabbed the rope and literally pulled her from the mud.

Heather was given IV fluids and cleaned.  After the sedation wore off Heather was able to stand on her own to the cheers of all involved.

Original Story and Video: Sac Metro Facebook



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