Senior Horse Rescued From Snow

Harry in the Sling

HarryWhen the Little Fork Volunteer Fire Company’s Large Animal Rescue Team received the call to assist with a fallen horse, they assembled their team and headed out.  Harry, a 31 year old horse, had fallen in the snow and couldn’t get up.  The volunteer fire department braved 29 miles of snowy roads to get to Harry.

“Harry had been down for about four hours and just could not get up in the snow, ” Little Fork Fire Department Chief Doug Monaco told reporters.

When the team arrived where Harry had fallen, they met with Harry’s owner and attending veterinarian.  A plan was formed and the team began the process of hoisting Harry.  Harry was sedated to make him more comfortable, then a Becker Sling was placed around Harry and a neighbors tractor hoisted him off the ground.  He remained in the sling for 15 minutes to get his strength back into his legs, then was released from the sling and led to a stall in the barn.  Through it all Harry appears to be doing well.

Original Story and Photos: Daily Progress

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