Senior Horse Shot and Killed


Carterton, NZ – When 24-year-old cafe worker, Louise Sharp, went to bury her senior horse, she expected that it was a heart attack or just old age.  25 year old Duggie was laying in his paddock, the best friend and companion Louise has ever had.

Louise’ saddness at the passing of her friend turned to shock and anger when she discovered a large hole on the side of Duggie’s neck.  The blood that had oozed from the wound and mouth told a violent story.  “He was a trustworthy best friend of mine and I’ll be heart-broken the rest of my life that someone took him from me … he didn’t deserve to die like that,” Louise told reporters.

Police and the New Zealand RSPCA are searching for answers.  No other horses in the area have been shot, leading them to believe it may have been a personal grudge.

Fatal Injury

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