Sheriff Concludes Investigation into Suicide Horse

Dead horse

Chillicothe, Missouri – Despite responding “No, I laughed” when asked if she cried when her horse died, 15-year-old high school student Kristen, nor her family, will be prosecuted for animal cruelty, a statement by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to the Sheriff investigation, “The animal owner and/or person came to move the horse off the property and once the horse was tied to the trailer the witnesses reported the animal had basically went crazy, damaged the trailer in breaking windows and was jumping and flipping around and apparently strangled. The continuous actions from the horse were too dangerous for anyone to get close enough to help or release the animal.”

Animal welfare advocates are concerned that anyone would tie a rope around a wild horse’s neck, strangle it to death, and then avoid prosecution by blaming a lack of training for the horse’s death.

Girl laughing about dead horse.
Kirsten laughing about dead horse.
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