Sikh’s Horse Executed as Hate Crime

Misty Blue and Devinder Sandhu

Nashville, Tennessee – When farm workers discovered Misty Blue, a 17-year-old horse that had been born on their farm, had been shot at close range, execution style, the family immediately went into mourning.  Misty Blue belongs to Devinder Sandhu, an Indian who wears a turbin as a symbol of his Sikh religion.  Sandhu told reporters he is often confused for being Muslim.   “I hate to think there would be a hate crime directed against me who’s been part of this community,” he said.

Misty Blue was a Tennessee Walker who had a personality that brought joy to everyone.  “She always greeted us with her personality. She had a huge personality. She was our joy,” Sandhu told reporters.

The family is offering a $10,000 reward for any information about Misty’s shooting.


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