Skijoring Horse Killed

Skijoring Accident

In Leadville, Colorado, in front of thousands of spectators, an accident lead to the horse being euthanized.  The Skijoring event is part rodeo, part skiing exhibit, where a team races down an almost 900′ path while the horse and rider pull a skier with a rope.  The run appeared to be going flawless until the horse raced past the ski jump, where it appeared to trip.  The horse was unable to regain its footing due to the speed at which it was galloping and the snow, and once it hit the ground, it rolled once.  The skier, coming off their jump, collided with the down horse and rolled over the horse and rider.

The horse broke its leg in the accident and was euthanized to relieve its suffering.  Many people believe that skijoring is simply an accident waiting to happen with a reckless combination of speed, power and slippery conditions.

Original Story and Video: CBS Denver



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