Slaughter Truck Crash Kills 10 Horses

Truck hauling horses to slaughter.
Truck hauling horses to slaughter.

Knoxville, TN – A truck belonging to Rotz Livestock carrying 30 horses to Canada for slaughter rear-ended another semi truck on interstate 40 Monday night.  The resulting accident killed 8 of the horses immediately, and 2 more were euthanized on the scene by veterinarian Dr Meggan Graves of the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center.  Dr Graves told reporters the remaining 20 horses appeared to be OK with only superficial wounds and no broken bones.  The badly damaged truck and trailer were taken to Mascot Stockyard where the horses were unloaded.   The truck was being driven by Luke Hershberger.

This accident is not the first time Rotz Livestock has killed horses on the road.  In 2013, a Rotz Livestock truck burned on the interstate near Listle, NY, killing all 30 horses inside.  That fire was caused by a leaking fuel tank on the truck.


Note: Image not of vehicle in this story.

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