Stacked and Sored Big Lick Horse Collapsed at Show

Collapsed Walking Horse
Collapsed Walking Horse

Asheville, North Carolina – During the Amateur Geldings Specialty class at the WNC Walking Horse Show Friday night, an unidentified horse collapsed during the show.  The horses had just completed going clockwise around the arena, and were in the process of turning around when the horse reared then fell on the ground.  The obviously terrified horse jumped to its feet while the surrounding horses and riders scattered to prevent a further accident.  No information is available on the condition of the rider.

A video taken of the incident shows a horse in high stacks, allegedly sored, constantly shifting its weight to its back leg in an attempt to lessen the pain on its front legs.  Those familiar with the industry believe the horse was very recently sored and possibly whipped before entering the show ring.  The USDA was not inspecting the horses at Friday’s event.

Video credit: Billy Go Boy

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