TB Rescued With Tattoo Cut Out

Mutilated Lip
Mutilated Lip

Pennsylvania – Kelly Smith, director of Omega Horse Rescue, received a call that nearly stopped her heart.  A Thoroughbred was at a kill pen, waiting to ship to slaughter, that apparently had her upper lip cut apart to hide the tattoo.  Every Thoroughbred that races is tattooed in the upper lip for permanent identification, and rarely people try to alter the tattoo with more ink to prevent identification of the horse.  In addition to a mutilated lip, the mare has a big knee and cellulitis in her two hind legs.

Smith drove to the kill pen and purchased the poor mare, saving her from shipping to slaughter.  The mare was taken to New Bolton Animal Hospital for emergency treatment of her mangled lip.  Blood tests are being done, her wounds are being treated and she is on antibiotics.

The Jockey Club is very interested in helping to identify the mare and is shipping a DNA test kit to the hospital overnight.  Once her identity is confirmed, Smith is hoping that law enforcement will proceed with an animal abuse investigation.


TB with Mutilated Lip
Thoroughbred with mutilated lip.


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