Teen Claims Dead Horse Committed Suicide

Horse that was killed by Kirsten
Horse that was killed by Kirsten

Chillicothe, Missouri – A high school student, Kirsten (last name withheld for privacy) posted a photo of her dead horse on social media, with the caption “When your animals kill themselves for u” and “The horse committed suicide.  Same fam.”  Another student at her school shared the post to bring awareness to the horrors of killing ones horse and joking about it.

Kirsten’s explanation, when asked how the horse died, was “We needed to move it.  It wasn’t our fault.  So its not animal abuse.”

From the picture it appears the horse was being loaded into the trailer with a rope tied around its neck.  The horse, no doubt untrained, pulled back on the rope, tightening the rope around its neck and strangling it to death.  Blood is also seen on its hip and on the ground in front of the trailer.

The local sheriff department released a statement which read.

Investigation Underway of Potential Animal Abuse

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) is now conducting an investigation which started from a photo being placed on social media of an apparent dead horse near a horse trailer with the back legs possibly bound or tied. Someone allegedly commented with the photo that the horse committed suicide.

The LCSO and CPD Dispatch have received many calls from all over the United States about this photograph which was allegedly placed online this morning.

Our office is continuing with attempts to locate persons of interest about the posting on the internet and determine if this photo was obtained elsewhere online or was actually taken here in Livingston County.

As we are aware of the potential problem, please call only if you have first-hand information as to what actually happened and/or who is responsible.

Horse that was killed by Kirsten
Horse that was killed by Kirsten
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